- Noninvasive Neutral Ph Water Treatment


Watermax is a noninvasive neutral pH water treatment for use in all greenhouse and hydroponic systems. By inhibiting the formation of scale, mineral deposits, and bio-film Watermax will dramatically improve sanitation. Watermax promotes healthy, faster growing plants through increased oxygen, calcium, and magnesium intake. Watermax is a safe alternative to toxic and corrosive chemicals.

Watermax is a unique chemical with powerful oxidative properties at a neutral pH. Derived from salt and proprietary electrochemical treatment process it creates pure HOCl (hypochlorous acid). In this special formulation the sodium is rejected and total dissolved solids are removed, thereby producing very unique chemical properties.

Normal scale forms a hard, insoluble and interlocking network of vitreous scale. This scale harbors diseases, plugs plumbing, traps organic materials, and damages equipment among other problems. Watermax changes the chemical structure of scale, and dissolves Calcium and Magnesium salts. Watermax can be used throughout all stages of the growing process. It is completely safe from cuttings through the final stage of harvest.

  • OMRI approved organic, so it can be used in any hydroponic growing system including organic crops.
  • Increases the ORP of the water it’s in, which creates an environment not suitable for pathogen and fungi development.
  • Dissolves mineral buildups, reducing the risk of nutrient lockout and maintaining a clean and clear nutrient solution.
  • Neutral pH additive. Hypochlorous acid, the active ingredient found in Watermax, has a pH of 6.8, so pH buffers are not needed to be used in conjunction with this product.
  • Multiple applications such as to propagate seedlings safely, to rinse fresh cuttings, add to nutrient solution to inhibit scale and biofilm, to flush your system, and use as a foliar spray to discourage mold and mildew development.  
  • Eliminates risk of Root Rot.
  • Reduces labor and decreases equipment maintenance.
  • No risk of root burn; Watermax actually produces thick, bright white roots.
  • Safe to use at any stage of growth all the way to harvest.

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