- Model XP - Synthetic Hydrophilic Polymer Based Strip



The next generation of waterstop that expands upon contact with water to form a positive seal to stop water ingress through cast-in-place concrete construction joints and around pipe penetrations. Through the use of the patented XP technology, WATERSTOP XP is proven effective in a wide range of contaminated environments.

WATERSTOP-XP is a synthetic hydrophilic polymer based strip waterstop that provides a positive seal in concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water. The engineered swell of WATERSTOP-XP forms the positive seal against the concrete surfaces within the concrete joint to stop water ingress in both continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions.

WATERSTOP-XP is specially engineered to provide better performance than conventional swellable waterstops in a wide range of environmental conditions such as low pH and high saline environments. The superior expansion and pliability of WATERSTOP-XP provides effective crack sealing and void filling capacity. Its unique formulation retains cohesive strength properties at both original and expanded volumes for superior hydrostatic resistance.

Applications include:

  • Horizontal and vertical concrete construction joints
  • Casting new concrete against existing
  • Around pipe and other mechanical penetrations
  • Around structural penetrations through the slab or wall
  • Hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic conditions

Concrete surfaces must be clean and free of all contaminants. Remove all debris and loose concrete. Secure WATERSTOP-XP with a continuous bead of CETSEAL; apply small diameter bead to concrete surface where WATERSTOP-XP will be placed. Press WATERSTOP-XP into CETSEAL immediately following adhesive installation. Position WATERSTOP-XP within concrete joint to obtain a minimum of 3” (75 mm) depth of concrete coverage on all sides of WATERSTOP-XP along the entire product application. Abut coil ends to form a continuous waterstop line. Allow CETSEAL to set before pouring concrete to encapsulate WATERSTOP-XP. For irregular surfaces, WATERSTOP-XP must be installed continuously contouring (in contact) with substrate.

Not suitable for use in expansion joints or joints that do not provide concrete coverage on all sides. Not designed as the primary seal for chemical solutions in tanks or other vessels.

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