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- Model YT-600 - Remote Controlled Vehicle for Sediment (Sludge) Removal



Underwater cleaning robot for smaller basins with a large amount of sedimentation.

This robot handles large amounts of bottom sediment and particle sizes up to 40 mm.

T-600 is delivered on a transport trolley which makes it easy to move between the tanks/reservoirs. It is equipped with a 600 mm wide nozzle with a built in system of fixed mounted brushes.ypical applications are cooling tower tanks, outdoor reservoirs, fountains etc.

The YT-600 is radio remote controlled and can easily be handled by one operator.

Total weight (standard version) is approx. 60 kg.

The sediment is pumped through a hose to a seleceted discharge point or to a filter.

Traditional cleaning afer draining and then removal of the sediment requires the reservoir to be taken out of operation, which creates disturbances and may result in cracks and other problems in the reservoirs bottom and wall structure. By using the YT-600 the reservoir may stay in operation during cleaning. The YT600 is used today in several different industrial applications, from mines and desalination works to cooling towers in the processing – and other industries.

YT-600 is easily handled by one operator.

YT-600 can be equipped with cameras and lamps in order to facilitate operation from a van or a control room. To use YT-600 decreases the cleaning costs and does not disturb the distribution.

YT-600 has only electrical engines and uses no dangerous oils or chemicals that may damage the reservoir. YT-600 is delivered in the standard version with a 1.5 kilowatt pump and a 630 mm broad nozzle with a built-in fixed assembled brushes. Alternative pumps and nozzle designs can be delivered when needed.

  • Dimensions: (L x B x H Block inc) 950 x 630 x 900 mm
  • Pump capacity: 600 l/min
  • Speed: 0,3 m/s
  • Power consumption: 2,0 kW Weight approx 100 kg in air
  • Other: Can be equppted with a camera and lamps

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