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- Model ACM-PAS-45211 - Personnel Air Shower Both Sides Flow

The air showers (personnel) from Weiber are fully self contained units, designed to provide complete decontamination solutions for various clean room applications. They are ideally installed at the entrance of a clean room or controlled environment chamber to minimize the entry of dust and particulate matters inside the clean room via the clothes and skin surfaces of the personnel. Our air showers feature programmable operating modes for flexible application and microprocessor based controller for precise supervision of the operating parameters. They use highly efficient pre-filters and HEPA filters for maintaining highly sterile working environments and an integrated fan/blower assembly to provide high velocity air streams for maximum scrubbing action against dust and particulate matters adherent on the exposed skin, clothes and material surfaces. The unit allows both side flows, allowing the air showers to be activated in both the directions. The user can exit through the clean roo

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