- Model WLK 15 - Secondary Shredder



The WLK 15 shredder is designed for high throughput quantities, suitable for processing most plastics. The machines will shred production waste, film, big bags, fibres, filaments, pipes, automotive parts, blow moulded materials such as for example PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, containers or buckets without problems, and also paper, cardboard, light metals. Various sizes and different versions guarantee optimum adjustment for every application. Options such as the innovative “V” Rotor with adjustable counter knife so called “Supercut“ allow for optimum shredding results.

WLK shredders can be belt or manually fed or loaded by forklift trucks. They are also ideal as preliminary shredders integrated into a two-stage operation. WLK shredders are available with the option of mechanical or hydraulic drive . Options for increased safety: gearbox limit switch, reverse counter, hydrodynamic clutch, safety switch, vautid coating for rotor, rotor cooling, “F“ Rotor with welded-on or screwed-on knife holders.

  • Different rotor types for diverse materials
  • Knife / Counter knife tolerance protection
  • Low power input to high throughput ratio
  • Adjustable counter knives
  • Minimal knife wear control
  • Adjustable counter knives
  • Enclosed hydraulics
  • Powerful electromechanical drive
  • Screens can be changed easily
  • Hydraulic ram
  • Sturdy construction
  • Well suited for operation in harsh environments including outdoors
  • Offset constructed rotor bearings


F-rotor: Ensures an optimum shredding process at high energy efficiency


Hydraulics: Dustproof, located inside the machine, gimble-mounted hydraulic cylinders

  • Hopper opening (mm): 1500 x 1500
  • Rotor Ø (mm): 368
  • Rotor length (mm): 1500
  • Rotor speed (rpm): 85
  • Power (kW): 55 / 75 / 90
  • Rotor knives: 82
  • Weight (approx. kg): 6500
  • Connection diameter (mm)
  • Screen size (mm): 15 - 100

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