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- Standard and Chemstar Vane Pumps



Welch: Belt-Drive Standard Vane Pumps: The low pump speed and belt drive combine to reduce operating wear and temperature, thereby reducing maintenance and oil vapor backstreaming. Use these pumps for all general purpose roughing and backing applications that demand longevity. The low pump speed and 'decoupling' of the belt drive makes this 1399 pump run cooler than equivalent direct-drive pumps. The reduced wear increases the operating life and the reduced temperature decreases backstreaming. Used for vacuum distilations, glove box transfers, residual solvent removal, and resin degassing.

Welch: Belt-Drive Chemstar Pump

These N-01 pumps are versions of 1376, 1399, 1400, and 1402 pumps, modified to make all vital parts corrosion resistant. The oil case is PTFE coated; fluorocarbon seals and gaskets are used throughout; and many internal components are made from stainless steel. The large, low volume and slow speed enable this pump to accept high contamination levels even in dusty environments. We recommend these pumps for many dirty applications with corrosive gases.

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