WESS Global, Inc.

WESS Global, Inc.


- Model WA400 - SS/MLSS - Parameter for Sludge Treatment Process



The concentration of suspended solid is a very important process parameter for sludge treatment process. WA400 SS sensor is used for the optical measurement of suspended solid in industrial water and process up to 30 g/l. WESS offer most reliable and stable measurement thanks to the digitalized optic technology.

  • Near-infrared technology                                                                               - Provides increased dependability of the reading when color changes in the solids occur
  • Solid state electronics
  • Custom geometry                                                                                          - Facilitate the integrated jec clean

  • Sludge from biological processes
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper mills
  • Food industry
  • Extraction system: Quarries, Tunnels, Aggregate extraction

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