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- Gritt Mitt™ Grit Classifier



The Gritt Mitt™ Classifier is a grit conveying and dewatering unit which typically receives a grit slurry from either a Vortex Grit Separator or an Aerated Grit Chamber. The Gritt Mitt settling tank is designed to effectively separate and settle the grit from the water. As the grit is conveyed out of the settling tank it is lightly washed, dewatered, and discharged into a suitable receptacle for disposal while the water flows gently over a weir and exits the classifier for further treatment.

The optional Slimline Gritt Mitt™ Classifier offers a reduced footprint and can accommodate 250-400 gpm through incorporating an appropriately sized hydrocyclone. The standard Gritt Mitt™ Classifier may also be provided with a hydrocyclone(s) depending upon flow requirements.

  • The settling tank, trough, wear bars, supports, and covers are manufactured of corrosion-resistant type 304 stainless steel
  • No submerged bearings or seals required
  • The shaftless spiral is manufactured of hardened, low-alloy steel

  • Long life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Stringy materials prevented from wrapping around the grit conveyor

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