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Clarifier and thickener drive units provide the rotational force necessary to turn the rake arms in a circular basin. The rotating rake arms transport settled solids to the center of the tank for removal. Because drive units are applied in water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as industrial facilities, WesTech has developed a premium drive unit for each application. WesTech drive units can be designed for torque requirements from 1,000ft-lbs to 6,000,000ft-lbs.

WesTech Drive units are delivered to the job site as a single, completely assembled and shop-tested unit, ready to be installed on the thickener or clarifier center column. The result of a thorough design and meticulous component selection is a strong, reliable, high-quality drive that will provide a long service life with minimum maintenance.

One of the unique advantages of WesTech drives is the great flexibility of design. This allows the engineer to select a drive that will closely match the process and mechanical requirements. Using precision components manufactured by the foremost manufacturers in the industry, WesTech can guarantee the highest quality drive units available in pollution control today.


  • Direct coupling throughout the drive.
  • Torque overload control
  • Pinion Shaft and Main Bearing tooth configuration
  • Lower pinion bearing.
  • Fabricated steel double plate housing design.
  • Paint system is a three-step application of epoxy/polyurethane enamel.
  • Both oil lubricated and grease lubricated models of all designs.
  • Cycloidal type gearless reducers.
  • Wide range of speed reduction ratios available.
  • Precision main gear bearing: Calculated service life of over 100 years. The one-piece alloy steel gear is 285-350 BHN hardness. This has proven to be an optimal hardness for exceptional bearing life.


  • Eliminates chain and belt transmissions.
  • Makes accurate torque measurement, sounds alarm and cuts power per operator pre-sets.
  • Improves safety and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Prevents overhung loads.
  • Increases load distribution and reduces gear wear.
  • Optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Stronger and more rigid than cast iron with better fatigue strength and ductility.
  • Ease of lubrication and ease of condensate removal for maintenance.
  • High power transfer efficiency of 95% and greater.
  • Handles high mechanism shock loads with no heat build-up or associated wear.

  • Contact Clarifiers for Raw Water
  • Concentrate and Tailings Thickeners
  • Paste thickeners
  • CCD Circuits
  • DAF units for Oily Wastes
  • Circular Oil/Water Separators
  • General Duty Clarifiers and Thickeners

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