WesTech Engineering, Inc.

- Tricon™ Adsorption Clarification and Filtration System for Large Flows


Water filtration and clarification using the Tricon™ system provides a high quality and high flow water treatment system.

Tricon™ Systems provide you with:

  • Treatment of 3 to 6 MGD per unit
  • Buoyant media upflow Adsorption Clarifier® system
  • Mixed media polishing filter
  • Economical treatment of < 100 NTU or < 50 Color Units source waters
  • Two log removal credit of Crypto and Giardia size particles
  • Foot print is up to 60% smaller than conventional plants

The Tricon System: Microfloc Tricon™ systems minimize size and cost and maximize efficiency and performance.  For removing turbidity and color from surface and ground waters.  Two plants remove arsenic from 100+ ppb to less than 10 ppb.

  • Simultaneous air and water backwash
  • Two independent filters
  • Small footprint
  • Automatic operation
  • Pre-engineered
  • Bouyant Media Clarifier
  • Two log removal credit of Crypto and Giardia, Up to 3 log removal demonstrated in Pilot Studies
  • Graveless underdrain system

  • Increased  net water production
  • Cleaner filter media and longer filter runs
  • Continuous water production
  • Minimizes building size and cost
  • Minimizes installation cost and time
  • Minimizes operator effort
  • Minimizes design costs
  • 75-95%Turbidity removal rates
  • Increases filter run time
  •  Increased net production through raw water flush
  • Smaller footprint compared to applicable conventional equipment
  • Meets Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rules
  • Proven process though trials testing
  • Eliminates costly gravel upsets