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- Model HSC - Package Water Treatment Plant


Trident® HSC - High-Rate Multi-Barrier Clarification for Water and Wastewater Treatment. Introducing the Trident HSC, the latest addition to the Trident HS line. The multi-barrier clarification system yields high performance while minimizing risk of process upset. Systems are provided in pre-engineered steel tanks (0.5-2.0 MGD per unit) or concrete basins (5 MGD to 20 MGD per unit).

Trident HSC multi-barrier clarification units offer two stage protection for surface water, ground water and industrial process water treatment systems.  The series operated stages each reduce incoming contaminants to produce high quality effluent while providing back-up protection for the overall process.

The treatment process uses proven coagulation-flocculation technology at high rates to minimize required footprint.  High intensity mixing and solids contacting quickly develops rapidly settling floc particles without the need for specialty chemicals or external ballast.  Heavy floc particles are settled using include plate separators followed by an upflow buoyant media clarifier for light floc removal.  The entire process is monitored and controlled by an integrated control system to ensure high quality effluent is produced and operator attention is minimized.

When filtration is required to complete the system process, the packaged Trident® HS unit may be provided for up to 6 MGD plant flow.  For larger systems, we offer a complete line of filter components and filter systems to complete the process train.

  • Multi-barrier treatment protection
  • High rate clarification processes in series
  • Standard system designs for a wide range of flow conditions
  • Automatic operation and control
  • Tube Clarifier with integral sludge recirculation
  • Proven buoyant media clarifier
  • Corrosion resistant system components
  • A full suite of filtration products to complete your system

  • Reliable, simple treatment for difficult waters
  • Handles high turbidity and organic loads with ease
  • Modular expansion capability
  • TOC reductions 55% or more when combined with filtration
  • Reduced disinfection by-product precursors (DBPP) and helps meet THM and HAA regulations
  • Minimizes waste production and operator attention
  • Smaller Footprint compared to conventional equipment
  • The Trident® HSC Systems minimize size and cost and maximize efficiency and performance for difficult to treat waters

  • High turbidity and color applications
  • Variable influent water conditions
  • Wastewater phosphorus removal
  • Enhanced coagulation treatment
  • Cold water conditions

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