Wet and Dry Hybrid Cooling Towers



Over the years, the increasing attention towards environmental impact and safety issues, gave SPIG the opportunity to develop its Wet/Dry ( Hybrid ) Cooling Towers.In fact, due to constraints imposed by local regulations including safety concerns, Wet Dry technology is the viable and reliable solution.

When it comes to environmental impact, the SPIG plume abated Cooling Tower design is the best choice ever. As an environmentally friendly company, SPIG has been actively promoting conservation through energy optimization, carbon footprint reduction, power and water saving by using its advanced technology and patented components that have been proven and tested on a worldwide base.

The plume abated tailor made Cooling Towers from SPIG, are specifically designed to avoid visible plume in cold and humid climatic conditions hence meeting specific and strict customer’s requirements.

By using SPIG Hybrid Cooling Towers, customers will benefit from advantages such as plume abatement, water saving, cost competitiveness and optimum Thermal Performance at all operating modes.

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