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Model B-440 - Wet Digester System



The Wet Digester B-440 allows an ecological pre-incineration of different types of samples. A wide temperature range (up to 600 °C) is available. Programmable incineration ramps alow for reproducible procedures.


  • Accurate profiles programmed and stored (temperature / time)
  • Ash and sulfated ash determination
  • Compliant to European Pharmacopeia P. Petrin, H. Partenheimer, vol. 9 No 1, March 1997


  • Acid fumes captured inside the glass hood and withdrawn by the Scubber K-415
  • No corrosion of fume hood
  • No environmental pollution
  • Full control of the Scrubber via the digester

Fast and flexible

  • uickly reached digestion temperature in each crucible
  • Wide temperature range (up to 600 °C)
  • Differently sized crucibles

Food - Wet Digester


Environmental Analysis - Wet Digester

(sulfated) ash

Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics - Wet Digester

sulfated ash

Crucible size

Three different crucible sizes are available for flexible usage

Glass hood type

Beside the classical glass hood for ash and sulfated ash digestion, there is a P+G coated glass hood available.

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