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- Electrostatic Aluminium Plastic Separation System



The demand for aluminium products is growing steadily because of their positive contribution to modem living. The excellent recyclabilrty of aluminium, together with its high scrap value and low energy needs during recycling make aluminium highly desirable to one and all.

This plant is a mechanical separation for recovering plastic and aluminum from aluminium composite materials, it employs an electrostatic separating system to achieve continuous automatic aluminum-plastic dividing. The mechanical separation system is developed to extract aluminium from complex packaging systems (multi-material packaging systems may consists of plastics, tinplate. beverage cartons and paper packaging, apart from aluminium packaging, e.g. beverage cartons.), mainly for separating the two components - aluminium and plastic - into distinct fractions.

Setup of Dry Aluminum Composite Panel Recycling System
We offer you tailor-made complete solutions for scrap aluminum/plastic recycling. The working process includes crushing —»powder milling — screening —•electrostatic separation—-finished products (aluminum). The recycling system for aluminunvplastic composite materials consists of a crusher, a grinding mill, a bag filter, sieve, a electrostatic separation unit.

Top Feed Crusher
The volume of waste Plastic-aluminium Composite is reduced, which is convenient for subsequent processing. Plastic crusher is used for downsizing of plastic-aluminium composite materials. Raw material like waste medical blister is shredded under 10mm, which is the first-crushing stage. Plastic crusher is applied for waste plastics recycling industry, aluminum composite panel, can be used to crush plastic bottles, film, shoes, sheets, plastic sheets, plastic pipes, medicine, food, etc. Aluminum plastic composites are broken down into small pieces to allow further processing using less energy.

Plastic Grinding Mill
Materials will be run through the plastic crusher and then enter the second powder milling system: after being crushed, the material are transported to the grinding unit of the separation system, and mill into plastic-aluminum powder mixtures.

Dust Suction
As the material is pulverized, additional dust is created. Dust capture and filtration systems are vital for many processes, including casting, rolling, grinding, milling, cutting, coating and raw material recovery. In the Aluminum Composite Panel Separation Plant, Pulse-Jet Bag Filter is installed for dust suction. It works tirelessly, collecting vast volumes of dusts, enhancing environment standard.

Electrostatic Separator
Once properly milled and screened, material is them processed through our customized electrostatic separator system which has been specially engineered for the proper separation of plastic and aluminium. Once fully separation processed there are left with a clean and finished aluminum product. Electrostatic separators are using for high effectiveness of separation of aluminum, copper, zinc and other non ferrous metals from mixed materials like communal solid waste, plastic, glass, rubber, wood, etc, in many recycling installations.

  • Mechanical separation technology is adopted to minimize the environment pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, liquid waste, gas pollution.and the toxic substance etc.
  • Well thought dust collection system provides a safer work conditions and you'll spend less time cleaning and more time building.
  • Metal recycling rate can reach to 98% with high metal purities.
  • It can separation not only aluminum from plastic, but metal from non-metal, such as separation for plastics and rubber recycling, aluminum and copper recycling, metal separation from PET, recovery of metal in car recycling lines/household recycling etc., being super popular in the world.
  • Control cabinet with full equipment for connect with the main control and visualization system. Visualization of status of work. We can meet your specific construction standards and customize to satisfy your special requirements.
  • Wide application in all lands of aluminum plastic composite recycling plant including: all kinds of aluminum plastic board, waste plastic aluminum, aluminum foil, tooth paste tube, aluminium barrier laminate (ABL) and plastic barrier laminate (PBL), aluminum composite panel, aluminium plastic composite pipe, aluminum-plastic PPR pipe, aluminum and plastic combined caps, medical blister (blister pack for medicine), medicine capsules plate, food pack foil, leftover and pieces of aluminum plastic board, etc.

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