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- Model 200 - Tire Block Cutter

Introduction of Tire Block Cutter Tire block cutter is used to process the rubber strips into rubber blocks with a certain size, which is good for latter production and improves work efficiency. It is applied in the third procedure of producing rubber powder, and generally used along with tire strip cutter to cut the strip into 3~ 5 cm rubber blocks. Tire block cutting machine is an essential equipment for waste tire recycling process, it is the third procedure of producing rubber powder. Advantages of Tire Block Cutter * Simple structure, small weight, and small space occupancy. * Small volume, flexible mobility. * Easy operation, safe and reliable. * Short knife reciprocation power stroke, high output. * Long service life. The cutter body uses high quality alloy steel plate, the guidance surface and the cutting edge use antifriction metal welding rod of high hardness. Need More information? Welcome to visit our website or send inquiry to us.

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