WhiteWater Concepts

WhiteWater Concepts

- Model LB-300 - Greywater Recycling System



The LB-300 is designed to fit into homes built without basements or homes with crawlspaces. The total height is only 68.5 cm (27'), so a crawlspace with a code minimum of 61 cm (24') in depth would be able to accept the system providing that access from the floor above is provided. The system is comprised of a main tank and two additional secondary tanks. A water management controller will automatically monitor water levels in the system throughout the day for optimal disinfection and will circulate the water through the main and secondary tanks keeping the stored water ready for safe reuse.

  • IAPMO Certified #C-4845.
  • Long lasting HDPE molded shell.
  • 1 HP electronic control pressure booster pump.
  • Electronically controlled water make-up system.
  • Programmable electronic chlorination system.
  • Extra filter included.
  • Greywater (purple) marking tape included.

Main Tank:

  • Length: 120 cm (48'); width: 89 cm (35'); height: 68.5 cm (27')
  • Capacity: 150 liters (40 US Gallons); weight: 45.5kg (100 lbs)

Secondary Tanks x 2:

  • Length: 89 cm (35'); width: 64 cm (25.25”); height: 45 cm (17.75')
  • Capacity: 75 liters (20 US gallons); weight: 18kg (40 lbs)
  • Noise Level: 65dB @ 3 feet
  • Overall capacity: 300 liters (80 gallons)
  • Estimated annual consumption: 182 Kwh

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