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Wide Chamber Feed Hammer Mill


Our wide chamber feed hammer mill is featured with micro-grinding of feed ingredients, low power requirements and easy access for screen inspection and replacement. So it is favored by livestock, poultry feed pellet plant. The fineness of the end particles can reach over 50 mesh. The end particle has a strong effect on quality of feed pellets produced by feed pellet mill, so please take a careful look at our hammer mills to find the suitable one for you.

Features of Wide Chamber Feed Grinding Mill

  • Mostly used for fine grinding.
  • Fineness can reach over 50 mesh.
  • Equipped with SKF bearings.
  • A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose.

Factors affect grinding of wide chamber feed grinding mill

  1. The clearance between the hammer and screen has a minor influence on hammer mill performance in most cases. Correctly setting up the hammer and screen will improve grinding effect.
  2. The measurement of holes in the screen. The size of these holes is equal to the maximum finished particle size of the material processed. A finished particle size that is either too large or too small will have adverse effects on the next further processing by feed pellet mill. Based on your demands, choose proper screen to achieve good grinding.
  3. The speed of the hammer mill. When the rotor spins, the hammers rotate and impact the material with great severity. As a result, the higher the rotor speed, the greater hammer blades blow, and thus a finer end product. Higher speeds for fine grinding with small hole screens and lower speeds for producing coarser, the operator should manage to raise or lower the rotor speed as needed.

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