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- Mini Complete Shredder System



The MINI Complete Shredder System is a recent addition to our range, compact in design to occupy a smaller footprint, with lower output, whilst carrying out all the same functions as the larger MAXI system. A single operator can operate the system efficiently, although two operators are advised to achieve maximum capacity. The system consists of a 500i Shredding Machine unit, a Weighing Conveyor unit, a twin ram poly-pack Baler unit and a Dust Extraction system. A central, touch screen control panel controls the system.

  • Design allows for flexible installation dimensions
  • Up to 500kg per hour through-put
  • Single person operator
  • Turnkey installation
  • Touch screen controls
  • Automatic bale ejection

  • Animal Bedding (cardboard, paper)
  • Waste Management (reduction, storage, transportation)
  • Material Recycling

  • Energy saving electric motors
  • Flexible design
  • Wide range of material applications
  • Robust construction for low maintenance and a long life

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