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Anemometers are the basic instruments necessary for metering your site's wind speed. For wind turbine projects, where 0.1 m/s difference in the long term wind speed can make the difference between a viable and unviable project, it is worth investing in good quality anemometers.

Vector A100LK
An industry standard anemometer. An optical sensor ensures no contact measurement with a high pulse output frequency for quantifying turbulence. The anemometers are individually calibrated in-house by Vector. They require 1mA @ 12 V.

Vector A100R/K
The anemometer is identical to the A100LK , apart from a reed switch output which has a lower pulse output frequency but requires no power. It is an ideal instrument for measuring 10 minute average wind speeds.

The start up speeds of the Vector anemometers is as low as 0.1 m/s, compared with Second Wind anemometers which only start producing a reliable output at 4 m/s. The bearings of vector anemometers ensure reliable measurements across the wind speed spectrum.

Wind Measurement International supply sensor arms and booms which provide Measnet recommended mounting and satisfy IEC standards. WMI booms exceed Garrad Hassan recommended mast-anemometer separation distances, minimising mast shelter effects.


Second Wind anemometers
Aimed at the cost-sensitive wind project. The anemometers are virtually identical to NRG anemometers and can be supplied calibrated. They do not produce reliable results below 4 m/s and the type of bearings used in Second Wind anemometers can experience wear and promote oscillatory modes which cause under reading of wind speed.


Measnet Calibration
WMI can arrange Measnet calibration of your anemometer either before or after the instruments have been deployed. Measnet calibration is usually a requirement to ensure your data is bankable.


Sonic Anemometer
Wind measurement International also supplies a range of specialised sonic anemometers to measure the 3D wind climate and high frequency turbulence across a series of length scales. Sonic anemometers bring with them the improved mechanical reliability of an anemometer with no moving parts.

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