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Amalgamated Instrument Co Pty Ltd

Wind Sentry - Wind Speed & Direction Sensors


The Model WS-03002 series of Wind Sentry Anemometers and Vanes are professional quality sensors suitable for a wide range of wind measurements. Both wind speed and wind direction sensors are combined in a rugged, compact package. These economically priced sensors provide excellent sensitivity, corrosion resistance and a minimal parts count for easy maintenance. The base model provides an AC frequency output from the anemometer and a 10KΩpotentiometer output from the direction vane. Models are also available giving 4-20mA or 0-1V DC outputs from each sensor. Materials used have been carefully selected to maximise the accuracy and long life of the sensors. Precision stainless steel bearings are used throughout and a conductive plastic potentiometer with a life expectancy of 50 million revolutions is used to sense the position of the vane. The instruments include a mounting arm with junction box and mounting for a standard 34mm pipe.

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