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- Ambient air sampler for dust, metals, POP´s

Windselect is an automatic sampler, suitable to sample dust, PM10, PM2,5 as well as metals and persistant organic pollutants dependent on wind direction and Speed. This device is used for the quick source identification, in case of Problems in the food chain.

The extraction of the air sample is primary defined by the selcetion of sectors.

As example:

  • Sektor 1 is defined with 345 to 60°, sampling with cartridge 1
  • Sektor 2 is defined with 75 bis 255°, sampling with cartridge 2

Calm is defined with a wind speed below 2 m/sec. If calm, then cartridge 3 takes the sample. Using this method, the impact of polluters to the local air quality in dependence to the wind speed can be measured.

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