Wintex Agro

Wintex Agro

- Model 1000S - Innovative Soil Sampler Machine


The Wintex 1000s is an innovative soil sampler which works quickly and effectively in all kinds of soil. It has a hydraulic hammer which, together with pressure from the hydraulic cylinder, ensures that the probe goes into the ground, down to the desired depth. The pressure from the cylinder can be adjusted according to the type of soil, and the depth can be adjusted according to the user's needs. The probe of the Wintex 1000s is specially developed, perfectly holding the soil until it is delivered into the soil box. The probe rotates when it is in the ground, picks up soil and is emptied fully after each operation.

If the Wintex 1000 meets obstacles or is interrupted while sampling and only takes half a sample, the soil will be discarded through a funnel and not be filled into the soil box.

The Wintex 1000s works with advanced technology. It houses an electronic computer system which carries out all functions 100% automatically.

The Wintex 1000s can be delivered from the factory mounted on the Honda ATVs TRX 500 FE, TRX 500 FPA and TRX 680 FA. It can also be delivered separately for mounting on other vehicles or on trailers.

  • Samples/hour:24
  • Sticks/hour:360
  • Sticks/sample:14-16
  • Volumen/sample:300-450 g
  • Diameter probe:22 mm
  • Hydraulic system:Honda GX200, 5,5 hp with or without electric starter
  • Hydraulic consumption:16 l/min, 100 bar
  • Hydraulic tank:8 litres
  • Electrical power:12 V DC
  • Capacity battery:14 Ah, 250 W
  • Net weight:85 kg

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