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Three low-cost fluids for leak-testing tanks, cylinders, valves, compressors, gas appliances, or any other part or system that can be leak tested with air or gas pressure in air or under water.

Seamtest is widely used by hundreds of manufacturers... tank companies, refrigeration equipment companies, valve manufacturers, automobile producers and a host of others making a wide range of products.

Seamtest products are available packaged 4 or 6 gallons per carton or in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

SEAMTEST, REGULAR is used for testing air above freezing. It is a foaming concentrate mixed usually 4 ounces of concentrate in 5 gallons of water, but may be used at higher concentrations depending upon application. Mixed fluid is applied to test surface with brush or swab. Large leaks instantly form large bubble clusters. Very small leaks form clusters of white foam which builds up for several minutes, making pinpointing of leaks easy and certain. Contains no oil, grease fatty acids or Igepal. No need to remove before painting.LOW-COST-- less than 15 cents per gallon of mixed fluid.
SEAMTEST Regular Halogen Free is available upon request

SEAMTEST, LOW TEMP is similar to SEAMTEST REGULAR except for use below freezing. Dilution depends upon operating temperature. 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 15 degrees Fahrenheit mix 1 gallon of concentrate to 4 gallons of water. Below 15 degrees Fahrenheit mix 1 gallon of concentrate to 2 gallons of water. Apply the same way as SEAMTEST REGULAR. Keep Brush sopping wet. Do not work up a lather.

SEAMTEST, TYPE U is a non-foaming concentrate used for leak testing, small tanks, compressors etc. under water. Recommended dilution is 2 ounces of concentrate for each five gallons of water in testing tank. Type U greatly increases accuracy and efficiency of immersion testing. Tiny leaks that will not show up in water will form a clearly visible thread of minute bubbles when Type U is added to the testing water. Great time saver.

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