Wire Hoops for Low Tunnels and Frost Blankets 54 Inch (25 Count)



These wire hoops are designed to quickly and effectively create a low tunnel structure to hold up multiple agricultural films and plastics. Each wire hoop should be inserted at least 6 inches into the ground on each side of the row. The height of the hoop should be 16-18” high in the center to allow plants room to grow and develop without touching the sides. These hoops should be placed 5’ to 8’ apart, depending on the weight of the film and the environmental conditions facing the plants. The wire hoops are smooth galvanized steel that resist corrosion and can be used for many growing seasons. Popular films are overwinter films, low tunnel slitted films, frost blankets, insect screens, and shade cloths. They are easy to install and quickly create a better growing environment for many kinds of vulnerable row crops.


  • Smooth galvanized steel construction
  • Packaged in bundles of 25
  • Each wire hoop is 54” long
  • Holds poly film, shade cloths, frost blankets and more safely above plants
  • Wire ends should be inserted 6 inches into the ground on either side of the row crop
  • Hoop should be 16-18” high at the center
  • Hoops should be spaced 5’ to 8’ apart
  • A fast, easy, and effective way to create a low tunnel
  • Creates a structure to protect plants from colder temperatures, physical damage, insects and more
  • Galvanized steel hoops last for years and can be used for many growing seasons

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