Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor


Intelligent Agricultural Solutions Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor is an innovative acoustic-based monitoring solution that provides quick and accurate notification of blockages anywhere in an air seeder, fertilizer applicator, or box drill. The system monitors every opener on the implement and uses the popular Apple iPad to instantly display blockages or reduced flow.


It’s easy to use. One screen shows which runs on specific manifolds are blocked as soon as a blockage occurs.


The iPad is more versatile than other in-cab monitoring solutions, allowing you to use the display for personal computing needs as well as blockage monitoring.


The system is easy to install and configure, self-calibrating for different products and rates.


The wireless interface between the ECUs and display results in a system with significantly fewer wires than optical and electromechanical systems, resulting in fewer wire-related service issues.

The sensors function similar to a stethoscope. As product enters the sensor, it impacts a stainless steel membrane, causing a small pulse of sound. Those pulses are transferred through a tube to the ECU, a collection point that converts all the analog audio pulses into digital signals that are transmitted wirelessly to the iPad in the cab of the tractor. The custom-designed iPad app clearly displays blockages at a glance.

The IAS Wireless Blockage Monitor is offered as an all-run blockage option on Amity and AGCO Sunflower air drills and is also available for aftermarket installation on other manufacturers’ air seeders, fertilizer applicators, and box drills. The system can be easily adapted to fit nearly any application, through dual-shooting or mid-row banders, and with multiple sensor options.

You’ll find it’s priced similarly to competitive offerings. To get a price quote, contact a dealer near you, or request a quote with the link below and have it emailed directly to your inbox.

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