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Orangegate Ltd

Wireless Sensors


Our rugged wireless sensors beam readings to an on-site computer where our software then sifts through the data to provide you with the important information.


Our wireless temperature probes have been designed specifically for the harsh environment of the compost site. They are made of rugged polyethylene and stainless steel with multi-layer moisture sealing and no plugs or sockets on the exterior. Each probe is completely stand alone and the wireless set-up allows them to be placed anywhere in a bay without trailing wires.

The wireless nature of the probes makes them ideal for covering wide open areas such as a maturation pad with open windrows. The probes are powered by 2 industry standard 'D-Cell' batteries. These can keep the probe powerd for 6 months or more. When the batteries need replacing, site operators can replace the batteries on site reducing downtime and avoiding site callouts.


Orangegate monitors can measure levels of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Hydrogen. Readings can be taken from multiple points using fixed or mobile monitors and are then fed back to the central control system where the data can be used to increase site efficiency.


If you are operating a forced aeration system in either an IVC or maturation pad, then our systems can monitor airflow and pressure. This information is used to more accurately control aeration rates as well as giving information on the state of bio filters or mechanical failures and blockages.

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