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- Model XRD - 20KV~70KV 300W/600W/1200W X-ray generator for X-ray diffraction

Product Name XRD Power(W) ,300,600,1200 Output Voltage(KV) ,20,30,40,50,60,70, • MODELS FROM 1KV TO 70KV,300W-600W • STANDARD DIGITAL INTERFACES:USB, ETHERNET AND RS-232 • UNIVERSAL INPUT,POWER FACTOR CORRECTED • OVERVOLTAGE & SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION • VOLTAGE & CURRENT PROGRAMMING • LOCAL AND REMOTE EMISSION CONTROL • SAFETY INTERLOCK • OEM CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE wisman’s new XRD Series of X-Ray generator modules are designed for OEM applications up to 70kV at 1200 watts.Its universal input, small package size and choice of three standard digital interfaces simplifies integrating the XRD into your X-Ray analy sisystem. Models are available to operate either floating filament (negative HV polarity)or ground referenced filament (positive HV polarity), X-Ray tube designs. DSP based sioncontrol circuitry provides excellent regulation of emission current, along with standing stability performance.


Plastics Sorting, 
Crystal Inspection,
Plating Measurement
Diamond Inspection,
Mineral Analysis,
X-Ray Fluorescence ,
X-Ray Diffraction 

Input Voltage:
Power factor corrected input
90-264Vac, 47-63 Hertz, for 300 watt units
180-264Vac, 47-63 Hertz for 600 and 1200 watt units
Output Voltage:
6 models—20kV, 30kV, 40kV, 50kV, 60kV and 70kV
Output Polarity:
Negative-for floating filament X-ray tubes
Positive-for ground referenced filament X-ray tubes
3 power ranges available—300 watts, 600 watts and 1200 watts . 
Other power levels available on special order.
Output Voltage Regulation:
≤0.01% of rated output voltage over specified input voltage range
≤0.01% of rated output voltage for a full load change
Emission Current Regulation:
≤0.01% of rated output current over specified input voltage range
≤0.01% of rated output current for a change from 30% to 100% of 
rated output voltage
Ripple: ≤1%rms at >20 kHz, 0.1%rms below 20 kHz
Stability: ≤25ppm/hr after a 2 hour warm up
Filament Configuration:
Closed loop emission control regulates filament setting to provide 
desired Xray tube emission current. Filament is disabled when kV
 is <30% of full scale output.
Two types are available: Floating Filament (ac outputreferenced to
negative output voltage) and Ground Referenced Filament (dc output
referenced to ground).  
Filament Output: 0-5 amps at a compliance of 10 volts, maximum.
Other filament levels available on special order.
Temperature Coefficient: ≤50ppm per degree C
Temperature : Range:Operating: 0°C to 40°C; Storage: -40°C to 85°C
Humidity:20% to 85% RH, non-condensing.
1200W: 12D×12W×4.75H(304mm×304mm×120mm)
Weight: 300/600W:14 pounds(6.35kg);1200W:26pounds(11.8kg)
Voltage Control:
Local: Internal multi-turn potentiometer to set voltage from 0
to full output voltage.
Remote: 0 to +10Vdc proportional from 0 to full output voltage.
Accuracy: ±1%. ZIN: 10Mohm.
Emission Control:
Local: Internal potentiometer to set beam current between 0 and full output.
Remote: 0 to +10Vdc proportional from 0 to full output current. 
Accuracy : ±1%. ZIN: 10Mohm.
Voltage and Current Monitors:
0 to +10Vdc proportional from 0 to rated output. Accuracy ±1%.
Input Line Connector: IEC 320 with EMI filter
Output Line Connector:
Depends upon polarity selected. See table and drawing.
Other connectors and pinouts available on special order.
Remote Monitor:USB and RS-232?RS-422 are standard. All 
digital monitors have an accuracy specification of 2%. 
Control Software: A Windows graphical user interface example is 
provided. built-in diagnostics can be performed over USB and RS232
High Voltage Enable A hardware based,dry contact closure 
will enable the power supply into the high voltage on mode.  
Monitor Signals: Test points are made available at J2 
for monitoring voltage and current outputs. The output polarity
is positive from 0 to 10V equal to 0 to 100% of the output

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