- Automatic Day Tank Refill Controller



The WIZARD ARC® Controller for liquid chemical day tanks and dry chemical feeders is designed to automatically refill your day tank or hopper from bulk supply when the tank or hopper runs low. Also included in the controller are powerful chemical accountancy features that accurately monitor chemical usage, level and feed rate.

A large, easy to grasp HAND-OFF-AUTO (HOA) switch provides operators with an interface to fill the day tank/hopper automatically or manually, or to shut off the transfer operation. The WIZARD ARC Indicator/Controller provides convenience and safety in a single package. Operators can review chemical inventory and consumption as well as replenish supplies with a single instrument. Automated operation minimizes personnel contact with chemical and the chance of failure to refill. Fail safe operation prevents tank/hopper overfilling. A 'MAX DAILY USE' alarm prevents your system from feeding more than a set amount of chemical within a 24 hr. period.

The principal of operation for the WIZARD ARC utilizes weight, one of the most accurate and reliable forms of measurement. By monitoring the weight of the day tank/hopper, the WIZARD can turn on a transfer pump, valve or screw feeder to refill the day tank/hopper when it is low. When the tank/hopper weight reaches the 'FULL' set point, the WIZARD turns the transfer device off. Two additional set points can be used to activate Low and High Level Alarms. When refilling the day tank/hopper, the WIZARD automatically preserves consumption data to provide accurate accounting of the amount used, feed rate and days until empty. Monitoring by weight is non-intrusive and non-contacting so the potential for leaks or failure due to fouling is virtually eliminated.

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