Waterlogic International Ltd

Model WL 400 - Coolers

The Waterlogic WL400 uses Fire wall ultraviolet light to wipe out microbial impurities in your drinking water. This innovative technology purifies water to 99.9999% bacteria free. Firewall technology is uniquely certified by the Water Quality Association. The high performance reverse osmosis filtration removes sediments and other contaminants including chlorine to improve taste and odor. It sets a new standard for the cleanest, clearest water possible.

-Features hot, cold, extra hot and ambient water
-Firewall UV Purification
-Five stage reverse osmosis high performance filtration
-BioCote Anti-Microbial Protection
-Two stage leak detection
-Firewall UV Sensor
-Drip tray overflow feature
-Sleep mode
-WQA/NSF/ANSI-55 Class A UV and NSF/P231 US EPA certified
-4.5 liter cold tank
-1.2 liter hot tank

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