Model WL900 - Radar Level Transmitters



The WL900 Radar Level Transmitters offer a logical extension to ultrasonic devices, where application conditions are in need of non-contact liquid level measurement but ultrasonic level transmitter measurement is not acceptable. The WL900 Radar Level Transmitters are ideal for a variety of water and wastewater applications where you have a reflective liquid that has a foaming surface, vapors, or dusty conditions beyond ultrasonic transmitter capabilities. The Radar Level Transmitters are also unaffected by temperature, vacuums, pressure, methane, or CO2.

The WL900 Radar Level Transmitters use state-of-the-art radar pulse technology which provide accurate and reliable level measurements over their wide 10 inch to 50 foot range. With their simple push-button calibration system, the WL900 Radar Level Transmitters are easy to set up and maintain on the bench or in the field by following simple instructions. Simply aim the WL900 Radar Level Transmitters at your low range level set point and push the button to lock in the setting – do the same with the high level set point. This may be done before permanently installing the Radar Level Transmitter by aiming the instrument at a wall and using a tape measure to determine your exact range.

The WL900 Radar Level Transmitter's rugged NEMA 4 (IP65) housing is available in either aluminum or 316L stainless steel for corrosive environments. A standard 2 inch NPT(M) process connection allows for quick and versatile installation of the Radar Level Transmitter. The Radar Level Transmitter's polypropylene antenna rod is virtually corrosion proof.

  • Accurate, non-contact measurement
  • Works in conditions where ultrasonic is not acceptable
  • Pulse radar measurement range 10 inches to 50 ft
  • Simple push-button calibration
  • Standard 4-20mA signal output
  • Optional RS485 digital output

  • Radar Level Transmitter Power
    • AC: 115 VAC, 60 Hz (± 20%) or 230 VAC, 50 Hz (± 20%), 1.7 VA
    • DC: 12 to 30 VDC, 0.07 Amps max. @ 24 VDC
  • Radar Level Transmitter Outputs
    • Signal: 4-20 mA, 6.1 uA resolution; 750 ohms
    • Communication: Optional RS232
  • Accuracy: ±0.25% of maximum sensor range (in air)
  • Frequency: 6.3 GHz (or 5.8 GHz CE)
  • Measurement Range: 10 inch to 50 ft (0.254 to 15.2 m)
  • Resolution: 0.22 in (5.7 mm)
  • Transmitter Power: 50 uW average
  • Calibration: Push-button or optional programmable
  • Antenna: Polypropylene over dielectric rod
  • Beam Angle: 12 degrees
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • Operating Pressure: 150 psi max
  • Installation Category: Class II
  • Process connection: 2 inch NPT
  • Conduit Entry: 1/2 inch NPT standard
  • Housing: Aluminum or 316L stainless steel
  • Ingress Protection: NEMA 4 (IP65)
  • Approvals: FCC Part 15 - low-power communication device, CE -5.8 GHz Models
  • Weight: 3.6Lbs (1.63Kg)
  • Dimensions: 4 inch diameter x 18 inch long (10cm dia. x 45.7cm long)

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