- Leak Detection System for Transformed Tanks



Single wall tanks that have been transformed into double wall tanks with a liquid-tight and completely intact coating allow a continuous vacuum monitoring system to be used (in accordance with EN 13160) without the use of a pump. Wolftank's line of leak detectors includes decentralized devices for installation in the sump of each tank (Manifold Kit or Visual DEP Kit) or a WSDC central control board that allows monitoring of up to eight tanks in parallel.

  • Continuous and safe monitoring
  • Easy pump-free maintenance
  • Central WSDC control of tank status at a glance; not having to open the sumps means greater operator safety and lower maintenance costs.
  • Greater system protection through automated and tamper-resistant monitoring technology: each event generates an alarm.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations: Italian Ministerial Decrees of July 31, 1934 and November 29, 2002, EN 13160 and ATEX CE marking.

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