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- Activated Carbon Manhole Odor Filter Insert



Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) based sewer odors emanating from wastewater sewer line manhole covers are an extreme nuisance for residential homeowners or users of near-by public facilities or property. The negative publicity and hassle caused by persistent nuisance sewer odor complaints originating from manhole covers are costly in both time and money for cities or industries that own the odor-producing infrastructure.

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC offers this cost-effective manhole odor control solution in the form of The Wolverine Brand Manhole Odor Filter Insert.

This unique product for solving sewer odors emanating from manhole openings has these attributes:

  • Compact
  • Insert manufactured from a durable High Density Polyethylene Copolymer corrosion proof material*
  • Designed to fit the manhole frame rim upon which the manhole cover rests, making it completely hidden.
  • (Exact measurements shall be required from the purchaser)
  • Will not interfere with installation or removal of the manhole cover
  • Easily installed by a single person with no tools required
  • (With the exception of removing the manhole cover)
  • No more waiting for price quotes or complicated purchase orders with multiple pricing as one price applies to all of our odor filter inserts regardless of manhole opening size
  • Requires no routine maintenance other than occasional replacement of the carbon bed media
  • Carbon bed is easily replaced and does not require removal of the insert from the manhole structure
  • Utilizes 20 LBS of Darco H2S Activated Carbon**
    (20 LBS bags of replacement carbon are available)
  • Carries a 1 year Limited warranty***
  • Optional Saturation/Breakthrough Indicators to indicate end of carbon life.

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