Wood Drying Machine


Drying complex for quick drying of technical wood and obtaining firewood, which is widespread in developed countries. Developing the drying complex, the company GreenPower took into account all the necessary parameters of the drying process of the wood. Wood drying involves a list of peculiarities, caused by the necessity of fastening the process of moisture evacuation out of splitwood.

The main difference between wood drying and sawdust drying is a higher drying agent temperature necessary for the increase of the speed of moisture evaporation from wood surface.

A high coefficient of efficiency. We have reached this due to the completely new method of wood drying: direct contact of wood with heat carrier moving at a fast pace. Herewith due to the fact that raw material moves in the trolleys, it is possible to use the working space of the chamber maximum efficiently.

The functions of the control of the heat carrier temperature at the outlet from the heat generator and at the inlet to the chamber lets prevent «wood cementation».

Drying chambers of the company GreenPower are equipped with a heat pump and other systems of warmth recuperation and condensation. The main principle of drying lies in functioning of the systems of ingoing and outgoing air. The heated air is headed off to the trolleys with wood and gives up heat, then it saturates with evolving from wood moisture and changes for the new portion of air.

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