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- Model EX-WIC - Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Cameras



In our product range there are the thermal imaging cameras suitable for explosive environments, fitted with a protective cover designed in such the way that the cameras meet the demanding standards required in the industry. The covers are certified for operation in potentially explosive environments and have passed a number of certification tests, including ATEX certification. It is also possible to install heating system in the covers to provide stabilized indoor temperature in case of fluctuating outside temperatures in the range of -20°C to 60°C. More detailed information is provided in the packages of thermal imaging cameras and in the datasheets.

Suitable Cameras with ATEX Certification


One of the cameras suitable in explosive environments is the WIC thermal imaging camera in USB3 variant (GigE variant is also available). It offers very little consumption rate, simple connection to the control unit (PC) without the need of external power; it includes integrated analogue output on the camera. The thermal imaging cameras of this series can be supplied in the enclosures with high level of coverage in demanding areas (coverage degree I) and explosive areas. More information available in the description of the WIC thermal imaging camera model.


The smart EX-SMARTIS thermal imaging camera with ATEX-certified coverage is suitable for use in potentially explosive environments. Compared to the WIC model, it differs with the built-in control unit, fitted with automatic evaluating of the measured data and direct control of the process using analogue or digital outputs.

The EX-SMARTIS thermal imaging camera is fitted with TCP/IP interface (Ethernet 100Mb/sec, RJ-45) as well as the digital inputs and outputs and the analogue output (current loop 0-24 mA/12 V). The thermal imaging camera is also equipped with the built-in web server so it does not need to be connected to any other device.

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