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Therm-Combi system is a insulation system to protect your production equipment against wear and corrosion attack under extreme high and low environmental or process temperatures.

To save energy and maintenance costs, WPE offers a effective combination lining of wear, corrosion and extreme temperature protection for two kinds of applications:

  • Insulation of product equipment against wear and corrosion attack from inside and extreme high or low temperature from the outside
  • Protection of production equipment against heat loss, wear and corrosion attack from the inside.

Therm-Combi systems combines a special thin high effective insulation material with ceramic or metallic wear protection materials. Therm-Combi is a perfect system for pneumatic and hydraulic (slurry) material transport systems.

The advantage is:

  • Reduction of heat energy for the production
  • Reduction of the heat loss during production
  • Lower total construction weight
  • Extension of pipe component lifetime
  • Cost reduction of pipe components
  • The Therm-Combi system is also usable for high pipe pressure systems
  • Flexible lining combinations
  • Installation of a electrical wear monitoring system in pipe components is possible

We provide ready-made plates with a combination of thermal insulation and wear-/splash protection lining. The plate size can be made flexible according to need. The fastening systems are simply  to ensure an easy and quick replacement of the plates.

Standard Thickness: 30 mm. Depending on the requisite, may thin or thick plates be made.

Areas of use:

  • Tilting devices
  • Ladle turning towers
  • Lifting beams
  • Platforms
  • Converter doors
  • Slag skimming plates

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