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Wastewater can be treated in various ways in the tertiary polishing state, where further solids and/or BOD need to be removed, and WPL provides a range of microscreens and sand filters that complement our wastewater process equipment, meeting stringent consent standards for new and existing treatment plants. Reliable, cost-effective and efficient, WPL microscreens have been permanently installed in more than 65 water PLC applications throughout the UK.

WPL Clic-Clo Microscreen is a tertiary polishing plant which is used when further solids and/or Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) need to be removed to help meet stringentconsent standards for new and existing wastewater treatment plants.

Visit WPL's website to download and read content such as brochures, manuals, case studies and technical drawings: www.wplinternational.com/product/wpl-clic-clo-microscreen-polishing-plant/


Features and Benefits:

Low power consumption
Low head loss through the system improving whole life costs e.g. a 20 l/sec typical application consumes <0.3kw/hr

Low operating costs
Unique design of the drum filter maximises the surface area of the filtration cloth to ensure high removal efficiency

Low maintenance system
No chemicals required for maintenance and only requires minimal weekly interval checks?– easy to fit cartridge-based screen cloth, removing the need for time consuming cloth maintenance activities

Easy fitting cartridges
By providing a cartridge based screen cloth that can easily be fitted within minutes, removing the need for time-consuming maintenance activitiesPolyamide or stainless steel cartridges can be utilised (stainless steel is more suitable to applications where polymer dosing is taking place upstream)

Adaptable installations
It can be installed above ground in a stainless steel cabinet or below ground in a precast

Interchangeable cloth cartridges available
From 20 microns upwards to provide flexibility on flow vs flux and cater for more stringent solids consents

Read more: www.wplinternational.com/product/wpl-clic-clo-microscreen-polishing-plant/

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