The WS-GP1 Weather Station has carefully matched high grade sensors able to measure rain, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and air temperature. The system comes complete with the powerful GP1 Data Logger and a 2m tripod mast.

Rapid installation
The WS-GP1 is supplied pre-wired and pre-programmed, making it an easy task to assemble the system, even in difficult environments. The system is delivered in two suitcase-style carry cases that can be used to store or transport the system. The cases are light enough for one person to carry on site.

Tough and dependable
Despite the low system cost, the sensors are dependable and suitable for use in demanding environments. The galvanised steel tripod and white painted stainless steel cross-arm ensure excellent physical strength. The internal battery provides 6 month’s operation (typical, for alkaline battery).

Data handling
Data can be easily collected by laptop via USB, or remotely using the GPRS modem options. DeltaLINK Software makes it easy to set up recording intervals and to view and download stored data.

Data presentation options include wind rose, gusts and average (including direction and vector average).

The WS-GP1 is an excellent choice for research or agricultural and environmental applications where reliable and accurate weather data is required.

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