Geopro S.A.

- Model WTP (42-170 mm) - Double Packers



Geopro has developped a double packer « WTP » especially designed for Lugeon and water testing. It is available in sizes from 42 up to 170 mm.

The main components of the double packer type  WTP  are :

  • The upper packer is equipped with one inflation adapter IA and onto the fixed end FE. The tube of the upper packer is perforated in its bottom part. Water testing is conducted by injecting water into the ground through the holes of this perforated tube.
  • The lower packer equipped with a fixed end at its top and a central tube. There is no inflation port on the fixed end.
  • The two packers are connected together ti build the double packer. The distance or test zone between the two packers can be increased in the field easily using an extension tube ER. Inflation fluid flows inside these extension tubes to inflate the bottom-packer. No outside inflation line is required.

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