WTW - a xylem brand

- COD, NO3 and NO2 reagent-free – UV-VIS and UV Spectral Sensors for Wastewater treatment plants


The IQ Spectral Sensors monitor constantly COD, NO3 and NO2 and can be adjusted with OptRF-function of photoLab® 7600.

Reagent-free optical measurement

The innovative spectral measurement technique of the UV-VIS/UV sensors enables a reagent free detection of different carbon- and nitrogen-parameters. For simultaneous measurement of several parameters the information of the whole spectrum is evaluated. At the same time cross-sensitivities of single parameters and interferences such as turbidity are eliminated.

The sensors are perfectly suited for municipal waste water treatment plants. For distinct water matrices and applications the sensor can be optimized by user adjustments.

The approved online measurement is now available for the lab as well. Please see photoLab 7600 UV-VIS for further information about our brand new Spectrophotometer!

24/7 Continuous data

Immersed directly in the process the sensor provides continuous data for process monitoring and control. Take advantage of the IQ SENSOR NET system with its diverse features and functions!

Maintenance free ultrasonic cleaning system

Thanks to the unique WTW ultrasonic cleaning system attachment of dirt and fouling is avoided. As no moving parts are needed the cleaning system works completely without any spare parts.

Extremely robust

For applications even in corrosive media, the sensor is build out of the extremely robust high tech materials Titanium and PEEK.

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