Wyuna Separation technology

- Model VWWR 3 - Vehicle wash Water reclaim system

WyunaSep is introducing very innovative and environomical system for Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim. With the use of this system you can reclaim wash water and can re-use for vehicle wash with use of any chemicals or filter elements. The WyunaSep Water Reclaim System is a four-stage water treatment system designed to: • remove contaminants from vehicle wash bay run-off water and • condition the reclaim water to enable the water to be re-used in another wash cycle. There are three types of contaminants removed by the system: • Light material such as grease, oils, waxes and light solids like some plastics • Heavy material such as sand and dirt • Neutrally buoyant material, such as plastics, organics and dirt which is heavily coated in oil

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