Model X, BX Series - Media Filters



Sand media X series are the most popular filters for dirty water situations. They are recommended when large amounts of organic and inorganic material are present. They are highly suggested for drip and tape irrigation using heavy water loads. They can be installed as separate units or in systems. Backwashing process can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

Operation: During the operation water enters the filter through the inlet and diffuses equally on the media bed. Dirt particles and organic materials are trapped on the media surface. Clean water passes through the media layer and flows out through the diffusers. The cleaning process is effected with reverted flow when the outlet valve is closed allowing water to enter from the bottom lifting the media and releasing the dirt particles that exit the filter through the top drain pipe. During the cleaning phase the system continues to filtrate.

Advantages: Due to their three dimensional nature they have the ability to remove both organic and inorganic materials, such as algae or clay. Custom designed systems able to respond to several filtration demands.

Flow rates  up to 75 m3/h
Sizes  1' - 4''
Max. working pressure  8 bar & 10 bar

Construction materials
Housing  S235JR carbon steel
Lid  S235JR carbon steel
Diffusing system  Polypropylen
Seals  EPDM
Coating  Chemical pre-treatment of surface, Polyester
electrostatic powder up to 120micron

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