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Model X-MET5100 - Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer



X-MET5100 hand-held XRF analyzer assures rapid, on-site laboratory quality chemical analysis of Aluminum and Titanium alloys, as well as Copper, Nickel and Ferrous alloys and can reliably analyze Light Elements such as Al, Si and Mg without the need for helium tanks or vacuum pump attachments. Powerful Light Element capability combined with high performance components provide best-in-class detection limits.

The X-MET5100 XRF with its Light Element capability enables more accurate and rapid aluminum grade identification. It also provides the scrap recycling industry added confidence to accurately identify and analyze nickel, copper and ferrous materials that may contain large amounts of light elements such as silicon, aluminum and phosphorus.

  • Analyze large or small samples, solids and chips, turnings or shavings
  • X-MET XRF analyzer gun automatically compensates for a wide variety of sizes and forms of samples
  • Aluminum alloy identification done automatically in seconds
  • High speed averaging function – up to 50 successive measurements for fast effortless batch evaluation

  • Fast Grade ID, even aluminum!
  • 1-second, non-destructive alloy ID for PMI & Quality Control
  • Trace elements in 5 seconds
  • Reliable Al, Mg, Si, P & S: no vacuum or helium needed!
  • Vast alloy library with grade-ID and Chemistry Detection limits down to ppm
  • Robust: IP54 certified splash and dust proof
  • Fast Cr, Ni, Mo, and Cu at low concentrations

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