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ULMAN Dichtungstechnik GmbH

Model X-Rings - Four-Lipped Sealing Element


The X-ring is a four-lipped sealing element in ring form with a special, endlessly vulcanised, virtually square profile. Due to the great number of useable elastomer materials, the rings are suitable for sealing nearly any liquid and gas media. The main area of application of the X-rings is dynamic sealing, but they are also suitable for use in static sealing applications (radial and axial).

  • Definition of X-ring dimensions and order sizes
  • Internal diameter d 1
  • From approx. 0.74 mm to 600 mm
  • Cord thickness VI
  • From approx. 1.02 mm to 7.00 mm
  • Norm senes of Ulman delivery range:
  • AS 568 A American standard

Sealing effect
The sealing effect of the X-ring results from the axial and radial pressure on its cross-section obt pressure applied to the sealing faces is additionally increased by the system pressure (Fig.2).

Fields of application X-rings can be used in a variety of technical applications. The X-ring is used sealing. Its field of application is limited by the respective pressure and speed.

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