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Model XL-345 - Knuckle oom Loader



Husky Brute XL-345 This is the 'Brutiest' Husky. The XL-345 weighing in at 31,000 lbs. [14,061.4 kg]. It has a lift capacity of 17 tons at ten feet [15.4 mt at 3 m] and nearly six tons at full extension of 31 feet [5.4 mt at 9.4 m]. We have made eleven improvements recently that will make this Husky 345 even stronger, cooler running, more stable and have increased swing speed by 25 percent.


Reach (standard knuckle): 31' [9.4 m]
Section dimension: 12' x 16' [305 mm x 406 mm]
Pivot Pin: 3 1/2' [88.9 mm] diameter

Boom sections are made from high tensile rectangular tubing reinforced and plug welded at all critical stress areas. Pivot pins are made from AISI 1045 material.  The Husky XL-345 is available for truck mount, shown, on crawler tracks,  trailer mounted, and stationary with diesel or electric power.


Loader (less grapple) - 31,000 lbs [14,061 kg]


Spread : 17 ft. [5.2 m]
Pad size: 30' x 19' [762 mm x 483 mm]
Two sets of stabilizers are the
fold-down type. Each stabilizer is
individually controlled from the cab.
Safety load lock valves standard.
Sub-frame and stabilizers are unitized.


Floor dimension: 38' x 60' [0.96 m x 1.52 m]
Standard cab features include: walk-up steps, heater / defroster, engine gauges, hydraulic system warning lights, insulation, tinted glass, windshield washer / wiper, dome light, fire extinguisher, horn, cigarette
lighter, and ashtray.

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