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WI Environmental

Model XR-88 - Portable Water Remediation Systems


WI Environmental's XR-88 Portable Water Remediation Systems is a efficient solution to clean-up of water pollution due to industrial wates, acid mine drainage, stormwater runoff, or any other contamination of water. Portable systems provide the means to provide remediation at sites ranging from industrial complexes, urban commercial sites, retention ponds, mining operations whether local or remote.

Systems come in 20 or 40 foot containers and include easy on-site and start-up operation. Systems includes XR-88 control system with data logging, PLC touch screen and controls, pumps, tanks, metering and delivery systems. Power requirements easily adapt to the local environment with power inlet/outlet ratings of 110/220/380/480 VAC available. Customer support consists of drawings, programming and user manual, along with technical support from WI Environmental. High flow systems for 10-50, 50-100, 100-500 and 500+ gallons per minute remediation are available. Delivery is 6 to 8 weeks and is FOB with 50% down and 50% upon shipment.

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