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- Dewatering/Wet Waste Processing System



The Xtractor is much more than a simple can crusher. It is a specialized piece of equipment based on our Patented High Density Extruder that is specifically designed for removing liquids from aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other liquid containers. It makes no difference if the package is aseptic, plastic or aluminum the XTRACTOR can do the job.

The Brask Dewatering/Wet Waste Processing Equipment dewaters, depackages, and compacts. This equipment is designed to remove liquid from wet waste materials and excess packaging. They are ideal for food industry and many types of businesses, including dairies, bottling plants, recycling centers, food processors, resorts, hotels, hospitals, paper mills, industrial & manufacturing plants, and many others. Dewatering/West Waste Processing Equipment will generate a fast return on investment and will substantially lower waste removal costs. You will find the equipment helps by:

  • Reducing waste volume and weight up to 90% of original weight
  • Saving money by lowering waste hauling & disposal costs
  • Improving on-site sanitation & cleanliness
  • Removing liquids from waste means no container leakage
  • Reducing environmental liabilities by removing liquids prior to material disposal
  • Helping the environment by turning waste products into recyclables & composting products

Dewatering/Wet Waste Processing Equipment provide cost savings:

Some Dewatering applications include:

  • Pulp & paper rejects
  • Liquor knots
  • Airline, casino, restaurant food waste
  • Fiberglass waste
  • Metal grinding coolant recovery
  • Dairy processing plants
  • Fruit or vegetable processing plants
  • Food processors
  • Bottling plants
  • Recycling centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Pharmaceutical companies

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