Yamato Scientific America Inc.

- Model DNE401/411/601/611/811/911 - Eco Forced Convection Oven



High performance environment friendly eco-oven that reduces power consumption significantly.

  • High precision controller allows high performance temperature control and display of CO₂ and power discharge
  • Heat tightness and insulation design of the chamber achieves an energysaving rate of about 40% at constant temperature compared to previous models
  • Maximum temperature reaching time reduced by 15 minutes (no-load) compared to previous models
  • Program operation with a maximum of 99 steps, 99 patterns repeatable
  • Standard equipped with various support functions such as calibration offset, power failure recovery mode, save and access of user setting information, as well as other operation modes
  • Data acquisition from internal test device possible because of cable holes
  • Easy system upgrade with various option settings

  • Standard equipped with various self-diagnostic functions such as independent overheat prevention device, overcurrent circuit breaker, and key lock function

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