- Model DNE401/411/601/611/811/911 - Eco Forced Convection Oven



Environment friendly, programmable forced convection eco-ovens with lower power consumption and CO₂ emission.

  • Program featured eco-oven to reduce power consumption significantly
  • Heat tightness and insulation design of the chamber make the oven save 30% of energy during constant temperature (compared to previous models)
  • Maximum temperature reaching time up to 15 minutes shorter (no-load) compared to previous models. More efficient with less standby time and recovery time
  • High airtightness, dust can hardly enter the chamber
  • Standard equipped with constant operation, program operation, Auto-stop, Auto-start and Quick auto stop (for DNE401/601)
  • Temperature and time setting displayed by fluorescent display, enriched with calibration offset function
  • Easy system upgrade with various option settings

  • Standard equipped with various self-diagnostic functions such as independent overheat prevention device, overcurrent circuit breaker, and key lock function

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