Yamato Scientific America Inc.

- Model DNF301/401/411/601/611/811/911 - Eco Forced Convection Oven



High-performance,  energy-saving,  programmable constant temperature, forced convection ovens with air velocity control and exhaust dampers.  The first 2 in 1 system in the industry!

  • Two types of circulation, forced and natural convection, in one unit (compatible with model 300/400/600)
  • Eco-oven with improved air velocity control system and adjustable damper
  • Program featured to reduce power consumption significantly
  • Superior heat tightness and insulation of chamber
  • Excellent dust tightness, dust can hardly enter the chamber
  • Air velocity changeable in 10 stages using digital setting of controller
  • Standard with 99 step program operation with repeat operation, auto start, auto stop and quick auto stop functions
  • Adjustable damper position at chamber front to optimize operation
  • Fluorescent display, interactive input method, calibration off-set function

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