- Model GAS410 - Inert N₂ Gas Sealed System



This highly safe Inert N₂ Gas Sealed System is used to prevent external discharge when using an organic solvent.  It is used in conjunction with spray dryer models ADL311SA, GB210A or DL410.

  • Dehumidifier (freezer) integrated in GAS410. No extra freezer/dehumidifier equipment needed.
  • Compressor included, no need for a separate compressor to operate the ADL311SA when using organic solvent samples
  • Explosion safety with closed loop N₂ inert gas system
  • Recovery of solvent to protect the environment and minimize pollution
  • Drying of easily oxidized materials is possible
  • Supports low temperature drying of materials that easily deform with heat
  • No freezing risk due to organic solvent with aqueous solution mixtures which could cause damage to the closed loop GAS410 system
  • Spray drying and recovery of products and solvents are performed with meticulously devised safety measures

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