Yamato Scientific America Inc.

- Model IC103C/113C/403C/413C/603C/613C/803C/813C - Natural Convection Incubator



Economical general purpose natural convection incubators.

  • Space saving
  • All models come with either an observation window (W) for improved visibility or solid door
  • Dual door system permits contents to be viewed easily without disrupting atmosphere of the incubator (except IC-100 series)
  • Control panel of IC103C/113C located at a higher position for easy access
  • Easy to use digital setting display and timer
  • Air jacket technology ensures even and efficient heat distribution throughout the chamber
  • Standard equipped with various functions such as self-diagnostic, calibration off-set, overheat prevention and key lock
  • Models 400 to 900 have an option for communication port (R)

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